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Haunted Bridges & Overpasses Across Wisconsin

It's no surprise that Bridges & Overpasses are known to be haunted - they're often the site of tragic accidents, and lover's quarrels gone awry. It is believed by many that when someone dies unexpectedly, or in a shocking or gruesome manner, their soul imprints on the location of the tragedy. Across Wisconsin, there are numerous bridges and overpasses where locals have claimed to see ghostly apparitions, haunted hitchhikers, and the spirits of those who met an untimely demise at that location. Find out where you can spot local ghosts on local bridges below.
  • Buffalo Ridge Road Sturgeon Bay, WI
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    The north end of this road becomes a dirt road and stories say that a man hanged himself here, followed by his wife because of all her grief, along with murdering her three children - a boy, girl and baby. It is said that if you drive slow on the dirt road at night, you'll experience the hauntings. A female's apparition wearing a dress with dark hair has been seen along with silhouettes... Read More

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