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Scary Screenings: Horror Movies Filmed in Wisconsin

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Are you a diehard horror film fanatic? The type who likes to know tons of fun facts about the actors, directors, and film production? Then this is sure to be right up your alley! Here are a few scary movie fun facts to fill your head with all about the different horror films that have been shot right in the State of Wisconsin.

The Amityville Horror (2005)
Though the real Amityville Horror House is located on Long Island, NY, filmmakers of this version of The Amityville Horror chose to use the historic Rustman house on the shore of Silverlake for the external house shots.

The Giant Spider Invasion (1975)
This low budget horror flick is one of the few movies to have been fully shot in Wisconsin. From Gleason, to Merril, to Nicolet College, the cast and crew definitely got around when it came to the filming of this movie.

The Pit (1981)
Filmed right in Beaver Dam, this Canadian production will have you thinking twice the next time you go to pick-up your beloved childhood Teddy.



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